Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Lying Weather

Seriously, when I left, the sun was out. I rode around the weather system as I headed out on a pure urban ride--all pavement, traffic lights, and freakin' scary cars. I headed down Cadboro Bay Rd and Fort St to Government, and then out to Fisherman's Wharf. After checking out the float homes for sale (ranging from 175K to 425K) and the sailboats also for sale (didn't see the prices, but pretty sure they were less than the float homes), I went down Dallas Rd and them back into James Bay. Then down Government to the Goose, and off at Quadra, Reynolds, etc., and finally down McKenzie. The last 10km in the rain. And not a light shower. Oh no, a real downpour. Could not have been more wet. Of course my helmet's raincover was at home--because it wasn't going to freakin' rain! Completely overwhelmed the weather resistance of my MEC bike jacket, although it took a while. But I especially loved that moment when, glasses covered with rain (the new helmet's visor does nothing to shelter my face from either sun OR rain), I powered down the bike lane on McKenzie with cars racing by on both sides of me--and me just hoping that everyone understood what was supposed to be happening.

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