Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wrong Turn

Took a wrong turn today. I was trying to get onto the Blenkinsop Greenway and instead I turned up Feltham. Turns out that there's a trail at the end of Feltham, and seeing as I wasn't going anywhere in particular, I decided to follow it. Turns out that it's quite extensive and ends up at a big pond full of ducks.
The trai itself is nice--gravel and twisty, lots of trees. It pops up onto streets and then drops back into the trees. Then it comes out behind some row houses, and Boom!


There's ducks everywhere.
The pond is really quite big--and currently very full. The ducks really pay no attention to people--unless, I suspect, they come bearing food. Then you could expect to be mobbed.


I ended up coming out on McKenzie St. just east of Blenkinsop. So I ended up cruising down Belnkinsop to the Greenway and then north out of town on the Lochside Trail.
I made it as far as Mt. Newton Crossroad, where I decided to try the treat thing again and had a bowl of corn chowder at The White Spot. It was actually better than the soup at Adrienne's the other day, but that doesn't make White Spot a destination restaurant either....
The legs just didn't want to ride today. I don't know what it was, but they seemed to think that being home soaking in a hot tup and sipping wine would have been a better use of our time. This compared to yesterday when I picked up my bike after its one month tune up (included in the purchase price). The tune up was welcome, because the shifters weren't hitting the gears properly, due, I'm sure, to the cables having stretched. Well, at the end of the day, the mechanic at Mac's Cycle had replaced the cables completely. I hopped on the bike, sans pant clip, helmet, coat, etc. (I really wasn't ready to ride home...), and my legs were thrilled to start pumping. Today, they just weren't interested.
Still, they did carry me 43 km and at a reasonable speed. I thought of just biking out to Sidney and taking the bus back, but I know me: I'd have tried biking home as well. I'm thinking I'll just take the bus out to Sidney and bike back. That'll keep me from pushing myself like I did in Nelson.

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