Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good Day Sunshine

Seriously, a stunning day. Warm (high of +9C predicted) with occasional bits of wind, what a day for a ride. Rode downtown, where I finally picked up a rear rack for my bike. Then I filled a couple of panniers with the stuff I had on my back for the ride home.
Also decided to try an inexpensive pair of bike shoes--really stiff soles, and the big treads tend to lock in the pedals. I don't have clips on (yet), because I don't have clip pedals, but that may come.
Riding the Goose on the way home, I was a couple of hundred metres north of the Gorge Bridge when both I and a rider ahead of me pulled over. There was an otter crossing the trail, and heading into the creek. The otter was fairly unconcerned about anyone being there, and we were quite happy at being able to see him.
I decided to head up the Lochside a bit before heading back to the Beach House, and almost immediately stopped at a garage sale--finally finding inexpensive roof racks. And a bin (like a fat, pregnant Thule box) to clip onto the racks. Total cost--$13. Of course, how to get them home? The roof racks I might have been able to lash to the bike--after all, we've done it with paddles before. But the roof box was another thing indeed. I called Paula, but somebody was out paddling instead of waiting by the phone for me to call ;-) But a quick call to Stephanie, and all was dealt with. Steph, you really are one of the best people I know.
I ended up taking Cedar Hill Road back, and inadvertently ended up on the same course as a 100 km trial. Thankfully I didn't get swamped/surrounded/blown off the road. Apparently I was ahead of the pack.

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