Thursday, March 26, 2009

Seeing the Doctor, Seeing the Sea

Trekking out to the doctor this morning, who says just some "significant contusions, but I expect a full recovery." Well isn't that nice--though she did encourage me to take more ibuprofen and gave me a prescription for muscle relaxants to help make sleeping easier. As an added bonus, my lungs seem fine and my PSA came back low normal. When I confessed told her how fast I was going when I crashed, her first question was "why do you ride so fast?" This clearly marks her as someone who doesn't bike much. It's not about the speed, really. But when the bike, your muscles, lungs, and heart are all working together, the speed just comes, unbidden. I was cruising out the Lochside trail today, and everything was in order, I was in the zone, and for several kilometres I was idling along at 22-24 kph on the packed gravel. No heavy panting, my breathing was deep and moderate, legs pumping not terribly fast, but sustainably. Just beautiful biking. Though it might have been better if I'd taken my camelbak bag with me....

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