Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back On The Horse

Or, you know, bike. Whatever.
Made my first post-crash ride yesterday, a mere 12 km round-trip to Oak Bay Marina. I am actually surprised at how much I'm still hurting. Enough, in fact, that I'm planning another trip to the doctor tomorrow (this time to my doctor, not the walk-in clinic). Breathing is a problem, and not in a "Oh God am I ever out of shape" kind of way, but an "Oh God, breathing makes things move. Must stop now!" kind of way. That and the pretty much non-stop headaches since the crash have forced me to head back into the medical system.
But even though it was a short ride yesterday,I did manage to go to the gym and work out with Lila for an hour or so in the evening. And today the road rash on my arms started itching like crazy. Urrgghh!

original post: 25 March 2009

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